November 11, 2021

ZigBee 3.0 Creates a Unique and Open Global Wireless Standard for Devices

The new standard unifies ZigBee standards found in tens of millions of devices providing benefits to consumers today. The ZigBee 3.0 standard enables communication and interoperability between devices for home automation, connected lighting, energy efficiency and other markets so that more diverse and fully interoperable solutions can be provided by product developers and service providers. All device types, controls and features defined in the current standards based on ZigBee PRO are available to developers in the new standard.

“Satisfied consumers are the driving force behind everything Philips hue does. Consumers expect their smart devices to work and be simple, and we continue to deliver new and rich lighting-centric experiences that are easy to control and create, ”said Filip Jan Depauw, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Philips Connected Lighting. “ZigBee protocols are a key tool in achieving this, and the broader ZigBee 3.0 standard further enables seamless communication between different domains and will therefore allow us to offer even more functionality to our users. Simplified interoperability enables new use cases and happy consumers. ”

ZigBee 3.0 defines the broadest range of device types including home automation, lighting, power management, smart devices, security, sensors, and healthcare monitoring products. It supports both easy to use DIY installations as well as professionally installed systems. Based on IEEE 802.15.4, which operates at 2.4 GHz (a frequency available for use worldwide), ZigBee 3.0 uses the ZigBee PRO network to enable reliable communication in the smallest and least power-hungry devices. energy. Current ZigBee certified products based on ZigBee Home Automation and ZigBee Light Link are interoperable with ZigBee 3.0. A complete list of the standards that were merged to create ZigBee 3.0 can be found on the website at

“The ZigBee Alliance addresses the critical need for standardization at the application level,” said Mareca Hatler, research director at ON World. “This announcement will build on the Alliance’s leadership in the Internet of Things, while continuing to lay the foundation for innovative products and services for smart homes, connected lighting and other high growth markets. “

ZigBee 3.0 is currently under testing. Many Alliance members including The Kroger Co., Legrand, NXP, Philips, Schneider Electric, Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments, Wincor Nixdorf and V-Mark have been actively involved in the development and testing process. The draft standard is available to ZigBee Alliance members today and is expected to be ratified in the fourth quarter of 2015. Demonstrations of ZigBee 3.0 are scheduled for the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2015.

“The ZigBee Alliance has always believed that true interoperability comes from standardization at all levels of the network, especially at the application level that most affects the user,” said Tobin JM Richardson, President and CEO of the ZigBee Alliance. “The lessons learned by Alliance members in marketing products around the world have enabled us to unify our application standards into one standard. ZigBee 3.0 will enable product developers to take advantage of unique ZigBee features such as mesh network and green power to provide reliable, secure, low power consumption, and low cost solutions for all markets. “

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Attend a free online ZigBee Alliance webinar at December 2, 2014 titled “ZigBee 3.0 – The Open, Global Standard for the Internet of Things” to learn more about the standard. The webinar will be held from 8:00 am-9:00am PST and present expert members of the Alliance. Places are limited, please register today on

ZigBee: Control your world
ZigBee offers the only open global wireless standard allowing simple and smart everyday objects to work together and help you control your world. ZigBee is the leading monitoring and control standard used in consumer, commercial and industrial markets around the world. The Alliance is an open, non-profit ecosystem of approximately 400 organizations developing and promoting standards that define the Internet of Things for use in homes and businesses. For more information visit

ZigBee certified
The ZigBee Certified program ensures that products built using ZigBee 3.0 perform as intended and that products from different manufacturers interact with each other. Product certification is also an essential part of the Alliance’s standards development process. Unlike other standards bodies, product testing and certification is required before a ZigBee standard is released for use. The ZigBee certification process enables manufacturers to provide a variety of products to customers of all types who can benefit from the simplicity of ZigBee control. To learn more about the ZigBee Certified program, visit:

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