January 24, 2023

Wireless technology funding available for GPs


Practices can apply for funding under new NHS Digital trials to explore how wireless technologies could improve healthcare delivery.

NHS Digital’s Wireless Center of Excellence will carry out trials this year to explore how advanced wireless technologies can support patient services.

As part of this, NHS practices and other healthcare providers can apply for funding if they are considering or are implementing wireless technology.

The current program will accept applicants for a one-year program, although applications for longer essays will be considered.

The center will work with leading practices, from application through trial completion, to understand the impact that wireless technologies can have on health and care delivery.

Practices can also expect technical support, advice and assistance in developing the use of technology.

Patrick Clark, director of infrastructure services at NHS Digital, said wireless technologies would play an important role as the NHS seeks to implement new models of care to enable patients to receive treatment at home or in mobile health facilities.

They will also help provide clinicians with access to digital data and systems wherever they need it, he said.

“These projects are a step forward in digital transformation and will bring many benefits, especially for those least able to access healthcare and for digitally isolated hospitals and health centers,” Clark added. .

The trial results will help inform advice, best practices and support collaboration across the health system.

Applications for the essays are open now and will close at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, July 29, 2022. Visit Wireless Center of Excellence Trials – NHS Digital for more information and to apply.

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