January 24, 2023

Swann’s AllSecure 2K wireless security system is worth every penny


The last five years have been a period of significant maturity in the home security market, paved by companies like Swann Communications, as well as Arlo and Amazon, all of which have driven innovation on many fronts, from the door to ‘entry inside the home system through a new generation of 2K and 4K models.

Swann recently released a new AllSecure650 2K wireless security kit which delivers on multiple fronts with the added benefit of being wireless, has its own router and at this point excellent battery life.

If you are going to be installing home security and want more than just the front door area covered, this product is a great solution with owners of this system able to hook up multiple cameras to multiple locations for 24 hour coverage /24 and 7/7.

Although the box it comes in might look intimidating on the outside, this system is easy to set up, but Swann needs to improve his documentation as it’s a bit confusing.

All you have to do is unpack all the goods that come in the box and lay them out on a table.

Next you need to add the batteries to the cameras and then plug the cameras into the mains to charge them until they all turn green which means they are fully charged.

The cameras offer 2K Quad HD resolution over a wide 105 degree viewing angle, which captures plenty of detail.

During this time, you can decide whether you are going to connect via a wired network (Ethernet) or via wireless.3Swann AS 650 2 1024x603 REVIEW: The new Swann AllSecure 2K wireless security system is well worth the price

I chose wireless, and after plugging the router into a power outlet and a TV, I then downloaded the Swann Communications app.

You can connect the router to a monitor or any display screen that comes with an HDMI connection.

The important thing is to have access to the Swann Admin software which allows you to configure your security system.

The process is no different than setting up a network configuration for a PC.

To do this, you need to create a username and password and then log in to the system software.

Scroll down to networking and connect to your Wi-Fi network or you can connect to the network via an Ethernet cable.Swann AS 650 2 1024x439 REVIEW: The new Swann AllSecure 2K wireless security system is well worth the price

The AllSecure650 2K Wireless Security Kit is a true Wi Fi NVR offering and once I connected to the network and configured some settings, which took about 15 minutes, I was ready to install the cameras.

Checking that the cameras were fully charged, I then removed the batteries and the blue stripe on the bottom of the battery.

Each camera connects to the base station wirelessly and runs off removable batteries with a spare battery built into the back of the router, this battery charges constantly and is a good backup if your power fails and you want to keep the router powered on. .

When it comes to adding the cameras to the network, all you have to do is press the activation button on the top of the camera and the streaming appears in seconds on the display screen.

On top of the camera is an antenna which I suggest you use, especially if you don’t have a current Wi-Fi router model such as a W6 version.Swann AS 650 1 1024x394 REVIEW: The new Swann AllSecure 2K wireless security system is well worth the price

What I noticed instantly was that the image quality was excellent, but I advise you to choose the camera locations carefully taking into account the direction of the sun, because you have to be careful that the bright light does not affect the quality of video content. system is able to capture.

Another thing to look out for if you’re installing it in an office is fluorescent lighting with a new generation of LEDs creating a style for certain brands of security cameras.

Another big plus was that after hooking up four cameras, we saw no degradation in streaming video quality.

Two weeks after installing the Swann AllSecure cameras which ran 24/7 and constantly polled for notifications, we saw no reduction in battery power.

Several Chinese security camera brands we’ve reviewed in the past were already showing a 20% discount after two weeks.

Another impressive feature is the True Detect heat and motion detection sensors which allowed us to detect entry into a room by a cleaner.Swann AS 650 specs 1024x871 REVIEW: New Swann AllSecure 2K wireless security system is well worth the priceSwann AS 650 4 1024x329 REVIEW: The new Swann AllSecure 2K wireless security system is well worth the price

In a home environment, you can also configure the cameras to detect pets or animals and configure the system to recognize them, you can also configure it to detect a car entering a garage on a regular occasion.

True Detect requires both motion and heat to trigger movement, as opposed to slight movement in a front or back yard or garden.

If you subscribe to the Swann Secure+ subscription, you get True Detect Plus, longer animal and vehicle detection storage for your security footage, an extended 36-month warranty, and a replacement with a confirmed police report when an incident has occurred.

With this camera you can also set it up to have a floodlight or siren come on and there is also two-way audio.

Powerful night vision up to 30m and Night2Day color night vision up to 10m are also part of this pack.

Additionally, the pack contains mounting brackets allowing the system to be safely installed in minutes rather than hours.

2K Quad HD resolution across a wide 105 degree viewing angle is ideal for a multitude of environments.

When True Detect detects motion or heat, you’re instantly notified via a Swann Security app notification, allowing you to easily monitor activity without false alarms.

You can also use digital zoom to see details like faces and license plates.

For the review, I configured a 1TB drive which I connected to the router to record activity. You can also subscribe to Swann’s system or log in to an online Dropbox account to log activities.

The Swann AllSecure650 2K Wireless Security Kit is now available for purchase from Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Amazon and Swann.com. The system is available in three- and four-camera systems, priced at $1,099.95 for the four-camera kit.


As a security system, it is a very stable security system, ideal for an office, both indoors and outdoors, as all cameras are water resistant. Using a router and the option of connecting via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable makes a big difference in quality and where at first I was concerned about 2K Vs 4K streaming, the picture quality is excellent.


I was really impressed with how Swann made 2K audio look so good. You can zoom and even in a dark area you can capture images and movements. Installation was easy and the battery life is among the best we’ve seen in a security system of this type.

The inconvenients

Access to the management software was made difficult by the constant need to re-enter a username and password. This was time consuming and unnecessary as we only had to step away from the screen after logging in and then log back in between things like administration and configuration.

Rating: 9/10

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