January 24, 2023

SWANN AllSecure650 2K Wireless Security Kit Review


SWANN AllSecure650 2K Wireless Security Kit Review – Swann is among the companies offering security solutions at affordable prices (compared to Ring and Arlo). If not, be sure to check out my reviews of some of their security products, such as the Xtreem and Spotlight Outdoor security cameras, here at Craving Tech.

Their latest addition is an ultimate wireless security camera kit and it’s perfect for new and existing homeowners who don’t have security camera wiring built into their home build. Although there are many wireless cameras on the market, the SWANN AllSecure650 2K Wireless Kit comes with an excellent package: 4 wireless cameras and a Power Hub NVR with charging bay.

It’s like having a complete NVR security solution in your home, but without wires.

SWANN AllSecure650 (2K Wireless Security Kit) Review – Unboxing and Package Contents

I was quite surprised to find that Swann included everything you need to set up the wireless system here along with a small mouse, Ethernet and HDMI cables. Unlike traditional wireless security systems, you have to plug the hub into a monitor and set everything up (just like an actual wired NVR system). But it’s really easy to configure everything and if you want, you can go further to change more settings and options.

You can check the full manual to change some of the advanced settings like motion detection area setting, recording schedule, siren duration, etc.

SWANN AllSecure650 Review (2K Wireless Security Kit) – Design and Features

So the 2K wireless security kit comes with four wireless security cameras and four is usually the best number to have security cameras in the house. You can place one to monitor your front door, one to monitor your side gate, and two others to cover the other perimeter of the house, such as your garage or garden. At first glance, you can add four more cameras into the system if you need to cover more.

The security camera has a 105 degree wide angle view and is capable of recording with Quad HD resolution up to 2K (2560×1440). Plus, it has night vision (and color night vision), built-in microphone and speaker, LED light, and siren. An 8,700mAh capacity rechargeable lithium battery can also be easily removed so you don’t have to take the camera around the house to charge it with a cable (although you can, if you so choose). really want).

And that’s what I love most about the SWANN AllSecure650 wireless solution. You can plug the battery into the Hub and charge it there. Even better, the package already includes a spare battery that goes in the hub. So when one of your cameras runs dry, you can simply swap out the batteries instantly. This keeps your cameras running to monitor and secure the perimeter of your home without any downtime (well, less than a minute of downtime when you swap out the batteries).

The battery that is charged in the Hub is also used to power the Hub itself during a power outage. This means that when intruders cut power to your junction box, the Hub will still run on battery power. According to Swann, this power backup can last up to 5 hours, which is great. With all your wireless security cameras and the Hub working even without power, the system will still be able to monitor and scare off intruders with a siren during setup. Indeed, the cameras provided can work in AP mode using Wi-Fi Direct (i.e. each camera connects to the NVR wirelessly, directly, without the need for a router).

I also find that allowing the Hub to use the battery inside is helpful in many ways. For example, the first initial setup requires you to connect the Hub (which acts as an NVR – or network video recorder) to a monitor. Rather than connecting it to power, I configured everything using the battery inserted into the Hub. This makes the whole setup process easier, but if you have a dedicated space to place the hub and a monitor permanently, you can just plug it into a power source.

Once configured, you can view all four channels either with a monitor or through the Swann Security app. It’s definitely easier if you install the app as you can see the live feed from all the cameras, as well as get notifications when there’s movement and when the batteries are low. You can name each security camera (or channel) individually if you wish (eg name them “Backyard”, “Front Door”, etc.).

The wide-angle view covers a lot of ground and the video quality from the cameras is pretty good. Each camera is equipped with a thermal and detection sensor, so only important events/movements are detected and recorded. On a very windy day, the cameras never bothered me with recording the trees, grass and plants swaying in our garden.

The NVR itself has 1TB of built-in storage to store recorded footage from the cameras locally (plus an additional 4TB of extra storage via USB) and that’s fine as a backup, or if you have an internet connection slow. For internet backup, there is an option to store the videos in a Dropbox account or in the Cloud via Swann’s Secure+Plans monthly subscription.

SWANN AllSecure650 Review (2K Wireless Security Kit) Review – Sample Video Recording (Recorded in 720p)

SWANN AllSecure650 Review (2K Wireless Security Kit) Review Conclusion

SWANN offers the complete wireless security solution with the Swann AllSecure650 Wireless Kit. It essentially cuts the cord of traditional, wired NVR systems, but still offers the benefits of recording security footage locally and in the cloud. The extra battery that can be inserted into the Hub (to be charged and acts as a backup power supply in the event of a power outage) is a brilliant idea and design. In the event of a power outage or when an intruder cuts the power, the Hub is still working and will still be able to record what is happening locally and if you configure it correctly, it can scare off intruders with a siren.

It’s not just app-powered wireless security cameras, but a complete NVR system without the cords. SWANN AllSecure650 Review (2K Wireless Security Kit) retails for A$1,099.95 and is available now for purchase from retailers in Australia.

Disclosure: A SWANN AllSecure650 (2K Wireless Security Kit) review sample was provided for review

SWANN AllSecure650 Review (2K Wireless Security Kit)


A complete set of wireless and wireless NVR system


  • A complete, wireless NVR security system
  • Everything is included – HDMI and Ethernet cables, even a mouse
  • Four wireless cameras included with 2K recording resolution, wide angle view, night vision, built-in microphone/speaker/siren, etc. They are also waterproof and weatherproof.
  • Cameras have good image quality
  • The batteries can easily be charged inside the hub and there is a spare for a quick swap. Battery in hub doubles as emergency backup power for up to 5 hours of battery life
  • Has many advanced settings (motion detection area setup, schedule, etc.)

The inconvenients

  • No rich in-app notifications
  • Changing many advanced settings can only be done directly through the Hub (with monitor and mouse plugged in)
  • Emergency power backup is only useful if you are running them in AP/Wi-Fi direct mode (not through your home wireless network as your router will be down during the power outage)

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