Discover solutions to key security challenges faced by enterprises as they expand their use of wireless technologies. Sonicwall’s recent report revealed that IoT malware has soared 134% in the UK. Find out how businesses should integrate strong digital security into their wireless communications.

Jim Steinbacher, Senior Product Manager, SonicWall.

Jim Steinbacher, Senior Product Manager, SonicWall

Jim’s experience with Wi-Fi began with his first wireless network deployment in 1999 (an 802.11b network with a whopping peak rate of 1/Mbs, and around the time the term “Wi-Fi was coined for the first time). Since then, he has deployed networks with every progressive IEEE standard, from single access point deployments with local management to deployments of several hundred access points in NFL stadiums. His true passion is educating users around the world about wireless security and our need to take it seriously.

Jim is currently employed as Senior Product Manager for Wireless at SonicWall, Inc., a global cybersecurity company. He holds a BSEE from Portland State University (and a Ph.D. from the School of Hard Knocks). In his spare time, he enjoys brewing a good Pale Ale, downhill skiing and hiking (to burn off the calories from said Pale Ale), and volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America as an adult leader.