January 24, 2023

Optical wireless technology – LiFi & FSOC technologies, a boon for the future world!! | Ahmedabad News


Mr. Hardik Soni, Co-Founder and CTO, Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd

The growing demand for communication bandwidth for high-speed Internet, high-definition live video streaming, video conferencing, etc. cannot be satisfied by radio frequency (RF) communication technology alone.
Communication technology impacts all areas of our lives, businesses and industries. Over the years, we have seen that technology has improved efficiency, productivity as well as profitability, in the case of a business. The world will not be the same after two decades as it witnesses massive innovations in various technologies.
Wireless communication surpasses wired technologies and will continue to expand its horizon in the future. Wireless technologies also make it easier to extend Internet access to areas that are difficult to reach with wired technology. Many other tech giants have launched projects with this objective. These types of technologies could help provide Internet access to rural communities, remote communities, metropolises, industrial areas, and people in developing countries.
Across the arena of various wireless communication technologies, Light Fidelity (LiFi) has emerged as a promising innovation and has the potential to disrupt the communication industry. LiFi is wireless optical communication that uses light from the visible light spectrum to the invisible light spectrum to transmit data. Using LiFi, each light could become a wireless router or access point. These lights can be turned on and off at such a rapid rate that one cannot see the changes. This blinking is how LEDs send data. Another advantage of LiFi is that it could work with existing infrastructure, because nowadays LEDs are everywhere, such as in homes, offices, streetlights, boats, planes and even cars. .
Security in data transmission plays a crucial role in military and government establishments. Radio frequency (RF) signals transmitted and received in security areas pose a major threat to leaking sensitive information. LiFi technology is more secure than traditional RF and WiFi. Optical wireless communication with the quantum communication network provides a hacker-proof communication channel.
Connecting rural areas to large cities and poles is a necessity for the overall growth of the economy. Yet many rural parts of India have not benefited from the impact of digital technology. The installation of the LiFi project in two villages in Gujarat paved the way for the creation of real smart villages. This technological revolution can be a boon to get internet connectivity to every nook and cranny, and across India to and fro and catapult the reader to smart villages. LiFi technology can also be combined with solar cells as receiving solutions that could provide communication access to rural communities. In this way, people in rural areas can educate themselves through the power of the internet.
Free Space Optical Communication (FSOC) technology, designed to operate in free space as a medium, is rapidly emerging as a reliable, fast, and secure alternative for broadband communication using fiber optics. It is researched, designed and developed for applications and technical utilities in civil and military domain systems due to its immense benefits including high security, better data rates and fast installations, no license spectrum requirement , lower costs and simplicity of design compared to contemporary radio frequency (RF) systems.
As the world turns to optical wireless technologies – LiFi and FSOC technologies and their use, a local Indian company is raising hopes of disrupting the communications industry as a whole. Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt., based in Ahmedabad. Ltd is a research and development based company specializing in wireless optical communication, wireless electricity, renewable energy – wind and wave, and LiFi & FSOC communication. The company’s team has been innovating, designing and developing many futuristic optical wireless products MADE IN INDIA for a long time. Nav Wireless is one of the key players in the world and an Indian registered company working in the LiFi & FSOC technology sector. The company has been recognized for its work in the past and has won awards for its innovations, adoptions and futuristic technologies. It collaborates with non-governmental organizations, universities and government institutions, non-profit organizations, development agencies and other private sector companies.
Author: Mr. Hardik Soni, Co-Founder and CTO, Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Disclaimer: Content Produced by NavWireless Technologies

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