August 9, 2022

Jabra reinvents true wireless technology with a new era of Elite headphones

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 3, 2021: Jabra announces the launch of three products to support its new Elite true wireless range – the Elite Pro, Elite Active and Core Elite lines. Reinventing means pushing the boundaries and that’s what Jabra has done for in-call technology, in-ear fit, audio experience and design.

Additions include the Jabra Elite 7 Pro, a revolutionary product featuring Jabra MultiSensor Voice technology, delivering best-in-class calling performance. Jabra is also launching the Elite 7 Active with the innovative ShakeGrip coating, perfect for active lifestyles. Finally, the third addition to the lineup is the Jabra Elite 3, which brings fantastic sound on the go to a large audience. This redefined Elite range represents the latest advancement in true wireless technology: each one is uniquely designed to reinvent the true wireless experience as you know it by introducing unique new technologies optimized for specific use cases in a sleek design. and modern.

As one of the first companies to introduce true wireless technology, Jabra has learned over six generations and is reinventing true wireless technology to better meet the needs of today’s millions of wireless users. The new Elite range is designed for specific use scenarios. Jabra’s new Pro category is designed for those who want the best of the best for calling and music, allowing users to experience true wireless without limits. The Jabra Active category is designed for sports and active lifestyles and the headphones are specially designed to stay in place when you sweat. Finally, Elite 3 is part of the base category of Jabra, a new standard for entry-level and nomadic sound.

Jabra MultiSensor Voice

The introduction of innovative Jabra MultiSensor Voice technology for the Elite 7 Pro delivers ultimate call clarity, even in the loudest places. More and more people are connecting via voice: Voice calls have increased year on year in 2021 and are the second use case after music. Jabra MultiSensor Voice combines a bone conduction sensor, four microphones and algorithms to ensure crystal clear calls. Jabra’s expertise in developing smart algorithms resulted in the design of one of the first mainstream headphones using this hybrid technology.

A state-of-the-art voice sensor (VPU) in both headphones makes Jabra MultiSensor Voice so efficient. The intelligent algorithms continuously analyze the types of noise picked up by the built-in microphones and, when they detect wind noise, automatically activate the VPU sensor. Bone conduction technology is used to transmit voice via vibrations in the jaw, and the intelligent algorithm then uses the best combination of bone conduction sensor and microphones to transmit the best call clarity.

Plus, adjustable Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) creates a completely immersive experience. Sound can be further personalized by creating a custom audio profile with Jabra MySound technology and using HearThrough, a technology that allows the user to define exactly how much outside noise they want to let in.

The Elite 7 Pro headphones are 16% smaller than the hugely popular Jabra Elite 75t, which are Jabra’s smallest headphones to date. Drawing on Jabra’s database of 62,000 unique ear scans, the technology pioneer was able to create a map of the average human ear and use that information to completely redesign the earpiece. Then, after excessive testing, Jabra was able to produce an earpiece that offers exceptional sound quality and optimized comfort.

The full headphones come with nine hours of non-stop play time with ANC and 35 hours with case charging, with fast charging that delivers 1.2 hours of power in just 5 minutes. The Elite 7 Pro comes with built-in Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant * (* Android only).

Jabra ShakeGrip Technology
For those looking for the best fit for an active lifestyle, the Jabra Elite 7 Active is specially designed to suit them. With the exception of Multisensor Voice technology, the Active version offers the same premium experience as the Elite 7 Pro, with four built-in microphones for call technology and two more for personalization as well as an adjustable ANC. Plus, based on Jabra’s unique understanding of the ear, the use of liquid silicone rubber, and a wingless design, the new Elite 7 Active Coating with ShakeGrip is engineered to deliver the ultimate fit. whatever your moves, changing the way people train. For those who want to go out and still be active, the microphone mesh eliminates the wind of calls, while the performance-enhancing audio ensures a powerful workout music experience.

Jabra Elite 3
The Jabra Elite 3 is the perfect choice for those looking for rich sound, powerful bass and clear calls at a lower price. After recognizing a gap in the market for a low-cost earphone that still delivers exceptional sound quality, Jabra has used its years of experience to make quality sound an option for everyone. The ear cups are designed to bring music to life with 6mm speakers and deliver crystal clear calls with 4 microphone call technology, advanced music equalizer, inclusion of Qualcomm aptX HD audio and seven hours of battery life (28 hours with charging case). The headphones provide exceptional sound insulation and with the HearThrough feature, users can tap into sounds from their surroundings. Elite 3 also comes with a comfortable and secure all-day fit, a sleek Danish design, and in a new range of colors including dark gray, navy blue, lilac and light beige.

René Svendsen-Tune, CEO of Jabra said: “We are more connected than ever. The world has also never been so noisy, requiring innovative technology to ensure users have a clear voice, calls and music experience. At Jabra, we are using our many years of experience to push the boundaries of technology, with the launch of our Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active and Elite 3 earphones. The introduction of these new products means huge developments on the market. market, and we are delighted to be at the forefront ”.

Main features and specifications of Elite 7 Pro:

  • Jabra MultiSensor Voice for professional sound quality
  • Adjustable ANC for total immersion
  • 9 hours of non-stop playing time with ANC, 35 hours with case
  • Durability rated IP57
  • BT ver. 5.2
  • Use earphone and multi connection (by upgrade)
  • Built-in Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant * (* Android only)

All products will be available from all major retailers at:

  • Elite 7 Pro: AED 799 – stocks will be available second week of October.
  • Elite 7 Active: AED 699 – stocks will be available end of October / beginning of November.
  • Elite 3: AED 349 – stocks already available on the market.

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