January 24, 2023

GBT Seeks Practical Applications of Its Wireless Motion-Sensing Technology | VanillaMore


San Diego, July 19, 2022 – GBT Technologies Inc.. seeks practical applications for the implementation of its patented smart, wireless motion-sensing technology, which has been assigned an internal codename “Apollo”. The non-provisional patent was granted on April 12, 2022 and protects real-time RF technology to produce an accurate computer vision system. Apollo includes artificial intelligence algorithms to control and analyze radio wave transmissions and their reflections to build accurate 3D/2D imagery in real time.

The patented intellectual property describes technology capable of producing high-resolution live video of objects and living entities within a scanned area. The technology distinguishes between objects and living entities by detecting unique patterns and performing intelligent mapping of the environment. GBT has initiated R&D activities to explore the development of practical applications of Apollo in various fields.

The primary goal of Apollo’s technology is to provide precise wireless computer vision capability. Management believes that modern applications can potentially include autonomous vehicle monitoring systems, health monitoring, military and security. It is also believed that the patent’s technology can also be used for security purposes, including detection of concealed weapons at an airport, intrusion prevention and as a wireless night vision system for military purposes.

The technology is designed to work in indoor/outdoor environments, through walls and other mediums, for example, underground and water. The effective range of the system can be extended using repeater units to cover larger areas. GBT plans to conduct extensive research to evaluate the implementation of Apollo’s patented technology in key applications in the field.

“We are currently looking for opportunities to develop practical applications for our patented Apollo technology. We believe wireless motion sensing and imaging technology encompasses a vast world of marketability. The patent’s intellectual property can be used effectively as an accurate, high-resolution computer vision ‘eye’ in a wide variety of fields,” said Danny Rittman, the company’s chief technical officer. “For example, one possible application is a non-invasive external imaging system for arterial obstructions. A small probe, like a common ultrasound unit, can scan the arteries of the human body, providing 3D imaging of arteries and veins, detecting life-threatening blockages. Another effective application is the smart vehicle surround view system to provide detailed information about the vehicle surroundings. In addition, this type of technology can be very effective for the security field, for example a hidden object detection system for airports,” he adds.

“The patent’s computer vision intellectual property can ‘see’ through walls and other media using machine learning algorithms. Apollo sends RF data and analyzes its reflections using deep learning techniques, constructing 3D/2D images and live animated video in real time,” according to Rittman. “As it is very sensitive to changes in volume, it can wirelessly measure heart rate, breathing rate and emotional distress, all without the need for clothing or physical contact. GBT plans to continue researching Apollo’s intellectual property in key areas to identify opportunities for business development in key areas. We are convinced that Apollo’s intellectual property holds vast potential to provide our modern world with better health, better lifestyle and better security,” he adds.

There is no guarantee that the company will succeed in researching, developing or implementing this system. In order to successfully implement this concept, the company will need to raise sufficient capital to support its research and, if research, development and regulatory approval are successful, the company will need to establish a strategic relationship with a third party who has experience in the manufacture, sale and distribution of this product. There is no guarantee that the company will successfully complete any or all of these critical milestones.

The company has also published a short video which presents the potential of said technology in different areas: https://youtu.be/7H4o3Nz6ndQ

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