November 11, 2021

Eyecube Wireless Security Camera $ 75

EyeCube is a new solar powered wireless security camera capable of being mounted almost anywhere to provide 1080p HD vision. Thanks to its wireless design, installation is a breeze and thanks to its companion smartphone app, you can monitor and be notified when anomalies are detected. Watch the demo video below to learn more about the EyeCube solar-powered wireless security camera which launched this month via the Indiegogo crowdfunding website.

Super Early Bird Pledges are available from £ 61 or $ 75, offering a massive savings of 50% off the recommended retail price. If all goes according to plan, worldwide shipping is expected to take place in a few months in September 2020. Two colors are available, offering white or green finishes, allowing you to easily integrate the wireless security camera into your domestic environment.

“Introducing Eyecube – the all-in-one solar security camera designed. It is wireless and easy to install, provides high performance monitoring for indoor and outdoor use. It is also the most effective solution to reduce battery life, complex installation, high costs and poor image quality.

The other main feature of the EyeCube is its 3000mAh battery and low power PIR mode. When you enable PIR mode, the camera will only be activated when something appears in the capture range, and the mode only consumes around 30-40mAh per day.

“After improvements and iterations, we were able to reduce the solar power system from a huge size to the size of an apple. With this portable size, it is never easier to set it up and travel with it. Consistent monitoring has never been easier. Compared to conventional cameras, which are large in size and require complicated installation, EyeCube is smaller but retains full functionality with perfect functions and can absorb 270 ° sunlight with easy installation and uninstallation.

Source: Indiegogo

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