January 31, 2023

CRN Impact Awards: Powertec wireless technology expands Nextivity’s Cel-Fi network amplifiers with accessories – Retail


Powertec Wireless Technology was named a recipient of the Distribution Performance category of the CRN Impact Awards 2021 for outperforming itself as a distributor for network provider Nextivity.

Powertec is a long-standing distribution partner of Nextivity, in particular its Cel-fi line of network amplifiers and mobile repeaters. The chain said it was the supplier’s largest distributor in terms of volume and sales.

Cel-Fi mobile repeaters help amplify and broadcast a mobile signal inside a building or vehicle without causing any interference. Other products from Nextivity offer similar functionality for other types of connectivity including Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LTE-M. 802.11ah / ay, Terragraph and 5G NR.

As a distributor, Powertec offers Cel-fi to a wide range of customers, including home and office vehicles, recreational and commercial vehicle fleets, and businesses such as multi-story buildings, warehouses, shopping centers shopping centers, hospitals and medical centers and other large formats. buildings.

Powertec also works with mining, energy and defense through specially designed repeater systems, as well as long-range relay systems for farms and isolated communities.

To achieve these solutions, Powertec has developed a range of accessories suitable for all these types of customers, including antennas for domestic installations, office buildings, vehicles, boats and more. For mid-sized commercial customers, its off-air repeater system uses a series of donor antennas to get a strong input signal from the macro-array, which is then amplified by a series of repeaters and output by a number. service antennas.

“Since our partnership began in 2012, Powertec and Nextivity have offered our customers the most advanced, operator-tested and approved roofing solutions available in the Oceania region,” said Tom Cooper, Vice President of Nextivity sales.

“Powertec has always been at the forefront of our sales programs around the world, by deploying complete, well-designed system solutions and providing superior after-sales support, they continue to lead by example. We are proud to be their partner and envision a sustainable future.

Powertec said it has set a 20% growth target for Nextivity Cel-fi from 2019 to 2021, ultimately exceeding that target to achieve 22% growth. It has also invested aggressively in TV commercials and hired more staff to reach more distribution partners.

This growth has spread to some of its distribution partners, including Leading Edge Group.

Leading Edge Category Manager for Electronics and Repair George Jabbour said: “Throughout COVID, the demand for high quality repeaters and cells has increased due to working from home [arrangements]. With Powertec providing excellent service and support on its Cel-Fi product line, many sites have been able to meet this demand which has yet to slow down. When introducing the product to our sites, the needs of many customers were met and a core range for our sites was identified.

“The introduction of Cel-Fi products to our sites has introduced a new form of technology to help consumers and businesses and meet a need. Since the introduction of Powertec into our business, we have experienced steady growth from fiscal 2016 to fiscal 21.

“Due to the strong demand for Cel-Fi products during the pandemic, we have experienced staggering 200% year-over-year growth. With this incredible growth in mind, we will be working even more closely with Powertec in FY 22 on new product launches. as well as to focus on a broader basic product line.

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