January 24, 2023

Charity Digital – Products – Cisco Meraki MX67W Wireless Security Appliance with 5 Year License


License requirements

This product includes a cloud license that provides product updates and support for a specified duration. Meraki devices are managed in the cloud, so a cloud license is required for each device.

You will need to obtain new licenses before your old licenses expire to continue using this Meraki product. If you choose not to renew, you will no longer be able to manage this product through the Meraki cloud and this product will cease to function.

Meraki Cloud Licensing defaults to a “co-termination” licensing model, but you can opt for per-device licensing through the Meraki Dashboard after setting up your account.

  • Co-termination licensing means that when you request new licenses for your devices, the terms of your new and existing licenses will be averaged together so that all of your licenses expire on the same date.
  • Per-device licensing means that each of your products is licensed individually, and the licenses assigned to those products may expire on different dates.

For more information, see the Meraki Licensing FAQ and the Meraki Licensing Models page.

Warranty and support

Meraki backs this product with a lifetime warranty.

Meraki provides enterprise level support for all products with valid licenses.

Cancellations and returns

If you need to cancel a request, you must do so no later than 65 days before the estimated delivery date.

Damaged or incorrect products may be exchanged or returned for a refund.

Cisco Meraki generally does not accept returns for other reasons. However, if you have any special circumstances that you would like us to look into, contact us within 20 days of receiving the items.

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