January 24, 2023

Best Wireless Security Cameras of October 2022 – Forbes


Consider the following factors before choosing the right wireless security camera for you:

1. Doorbell camera vs traditional camera

The first step in choosing a wireless security camera is to decide if you also want a wireless doorbell as part of a smart home system. Since capable wireless doorbells on the market include cameras that are often as good as a traditional camera, you may not need to consider a traditional camera at all if you want a smart doorbell.

Smart doorbells streamline the process of detecting and monitoring visitors at the door, whether they are expected or not, but they tend to lack the most advanced camera features available with other security options for the door. smart home.

2. Compatibility and Subscriptions

Check compatibility with an existing smart home system, if you have one. If avoiding a monthly subscription is important to you, consider which camera options offer the most comprehensive storage or other features without forcing you to pay extra. (Some brands severely limit operation without a paid subscription in order to incentivize subscription, while others aim to appeal to consumers who are tired of paying subscription fees for everything.)

3. Software and hardware

Buying a camera that looks like it can do it all can be tantalizing, but taking advantage of the more complex systems will usually cost you more and lead to more complicated operation. Consider the capabilities of the camera itself (image quality, field of view, etc.) as well as features such as detection software and how video recording and storage is triggered.

Users in less populated areas, for example, will have different needs than those who live in a dense urban environment with frequent passers-by, and different cameras excel in different scenarios.

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