January 31, 2023

ARISTA ™ Offers Entrepreneur-Friendly Bluetooth® Mesh Wireless Technology


Much like the technology consumers use with portable speakers and hands-free headsets, the Bluetooth® mesh network simplifies setup for entrepreneurs of all tech backgrounds and simplifies new installations.

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With so many smart lighting control options, it’s understandable that contractors often wonder what technology to choose for their next project.

While familiar communication protocols like Z-Wave, Thread, and ZigBee are functional, they tend to require additional steps during setup, which can be a headache for installers. Other smart controls that connect through a standard Wi-Fi network run the risk of unexpected resets and performance issues if the local networks fail.

New ARISTA ™ Advanced Lighting Control System by Intermatic helps solve these problems with an entrepreneur-friendly communication protocol known as Bluetooth® 5.0 mesh wireless technology. Much like the technology consumers use to pair portable speakers and hands-free headsets every day, the Bluetooth® mesh network enables easy installation and simplifies setup for entrepreneurs of all tech backgrounds.

Benefits of Bluetooth® 5.0 Mesh wireless technology

Bluetooth® 5.0 mesh is a secure communication protocol designed specifically for industrial and commercial applications. Each device transmission is protected by three 128-bit encrypted security keys, with each device using a wireless node to send, receive, and share commands over the network. This means that multiple lighting controls can operate over a large area to seamlessly communicate information, such as ON / OFF times, daylight levels, and presence detection.

The communications protocol allows installers to quickly connect to multiple smart lighting controls and configure settings through a mobile app without connecting to a Wi-Fi network. This helps streamline installations in new commercial construction projects without collecting sensitive customer login information. It also allows building owners to easily add or remove individual ARISTA devices as needs change.

In addition, the Bluetooth® 5.0 mesh is very energy efficient. Its low-power operation requirements allow battery-operated devices, such as ARISTA sensors, to send and receive information for long periods of time without replacing batteries.

Why choose ARISTA ™ and Mesh Bluetooth® 5.0 technology?

By combining Bluetooth® 5.0 mesh technology with the versatility of ARISTA sensors, room controllers and dimmers, installers can support a wide range of commercial projects with one solution.

Best of all, the intuitive ARISTA app simplifies installation and configuration. Entrepreneurs don’t have to set up a dedicated smart hub or gateway – they can simply power up their ARISTA devices, locate them on their smartphone or tablet, and off you go. In many cases, installers can perform a basic system setup in as little as 30 minutes after ARISTA devices are placed in an environment.

Learn more: ARISTA capabilities brochure (download)

Ready to see ARISTA in action? Contact your local Intermatic representative today to schedule a demonstration of this exciting new solution!

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