January 31, 2023

Anti-5G jewelry that ‘keeps wireless technology away’ turns out to be radioactive


The Dutch nuclear safety agency has warned against using an anti-5G pendant that was marketed to conspiracy theorists after it was found to be radioactive enough to potentially damage tissue and TBEN.

The Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Authority (ANVS) has asked people to no longer wear the pendant.

It comes after the authority discovered 10 products that emitted harmful ionizing radiation – the material the pendant is believed to protect customers from.

Jewelry has been touted as “quantum pendants” with “protective powers” acting as radiation blockers with negative ion properties.

The ANVS has warned that continued daily use of the pendant could cause serious damage.

Ten of the anti-5G pendants emitted harmful ionizing radiation

In a bid to warn the public, the agency said: “Exposure to ionizing radiation can have adverse health effects…

“Because of the potential health risk they present, these consumer products containing radioactive materials are therefore prohibited by law.

“Ionizing radiation can damage tissue and TBEN and can cause, for example, redness of the skin. Only low levels of radiation have been measured on these specific products.

They added: “However, someone who wears a product of this type for an extended period (one year, 24 hours a day) could be exposed to a level of radiation that exceeds the strict limit of dermal exposure that the art. ‘applies to the Netherlands.

Twitter users targeted the deceptive product which does the opposite of what it is designed for

“To avoid any risk, the ANVS calls on the owners of such items to no longer wear them. “

5G technology, designed for super-fast internet speeds and greater network capacity, is considered safe to use.

However, conspiracy theorists associate the technology with disastrous health effects such as terminal illnesses and a weakened immune system linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Conspiracy theorists claim 5G is dangerous for people's health
Conspiracy theorists claim 5G is dangerous for people’s health

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The World Health Organization (WHO) says on its website that research on wireless technologies across the entire radio spectrum has shown “no harmful effects on health.”

They said: “Tissue heating is the primary mechanism of interaction between radio frequency fields and the human body.

“The RF exposure levels of current technologies cause a negligible increase in human body temperature. As long as the overall exposure remains below the international recommendations, no consequences for public health are expected. “


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