January 31, 2023

3 wireless technology trends to follow in 2022


2021 has been a year of enormous challenges, but there have also been incredible advancements in the world of wireless technology that have changed the way we live, work and play, all for the better.

As technology evolves, there is always something to be excited about. Today, more than 300 million people have access to a 5G wireless network, so it’s hard to believe that this innovation became available only three years ago. 5G has been described as a transformative technology, but most transformations happen regularly – they become “trends” that happen over time.

To that end, here are three trends I predict for 2022 that can have a lasting impact on families and businesses across the country.

1. Real change for rural America

A recent study by Broadband Now indicates that more than 40 million people in the United States do not have reliable high-speed Internet access, many of them in rural areas. One of the main factors explaining the lack of coverage in these areas is simple economic considerations. Sometimes it can be twice as expensive to build the necessary broadband infrastructure in rural areas, and there are far fewer people to help pay for the service, making it prohibitively expensive for providers and costly for customers. .

But there are encouraging signs that this will change. The recent infrastructure bill allocated more than $65 billion for broadband and offers an unprecedented opportunity for the expansion of broadband connectivity in underserved areas, as well as increased accessibility for consumers. . Government leaders I have spoken to are eager to put this money to work for their constituents.

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